Mod Midwives: a Metro Midwifery Podcast

Introducing Paige...and...We Are on a Break!

Episode Summary

This week we spend a little more time getting to know our illustrious student, Paige Hesen. Paige has been involved in our practice for over a year and has become an important member of our team! This episode, though, is going to be our last for a time. Mod Midwives has been continuously running for two years and we have yet to take a season off. It's been a long two years--between a new practice, a podcast, and a pandemic...and dang...we are ready for a break! So we're going to pull a Rachel and Ross and take it! So, don't forget to subscribe to us on your favorite podcast player so that when we do come back you'll be the first to know! We hope you enjoy and we'll see you on the other side!